Civilization at last

Exactly 16 weeks from the day we set out in Cairo, we arrived in Cape Town.  No more tents.  No more cold showers.  No more bush toilets.  Wine, cheese, beds, and restaurants awaited us in the European-feeling city by the sea; and they didn’t disappoint.  As our adventure drew to a close, we couldn’t help but reflect on what we had experienced over the last four months.  Deserts, rainforests, mountains and oceans, gorillas and lions, birds and insects, pygmies and Masai… it certainly felt like everything Africa has to offer.  But we know it isn’t.  Maybe the other side, next time?

Cape Town sprawls out from the mountains right up to the edge of the Atlantic.

A cable car disappears into Table Mountain's famous 'tablecloth.'

Iron sculptures in the botanical gardens of Kirstenbosch, resting in the shadow of Table Mountain's back side.

From the mud huts of Africa to the concrete jungle of New York.

Stay tuned to find out about buying framed prints and (perhaps) a book!


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