Victoria Falls

The Zambezi river forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in the southwest of the country.  Meandering gently south, the river comes to an abrupt fall of 355 feet and forming one of the largest—and perhaps the most famous—waterfalls in the world.  Discovered by the intrepid Scottish explorer David Livingstone in November 1855, the falls, named The Smoke That Thunders in the local dialect, were dubbed Victoria Falls after the contemporary English queen.  Forming the largest falling sheet of water in the world, at over a mile in width, the falls were particularly impressive when we viewed them at high water.

The Zambezi river meanders gently 500 meters upriver from the Falls.

The main falls.

The Devil's Cataract, the set of falls closest to Zimbabwe, thunders into the gorge, creating an impressive rainbow.

The main falls, plummeting 355 feet into the gorge.

Josh standing on Danger Peak, where the rock face plummets straight down into the gorge.

An amazing rainbow looking straight down into the gorge where the Zambezi cuts its way south beyond the Falls.


1 thought on “Victoria Falls

  1. Amazing rainbow pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest of them and the two of you very soon! Nana sends regards from sunny Florida, Mom

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